Water Contamination

Atlanta homeowners don't realize that they could be exposed to Radon through water contamination. However, it is not as common as being exposed to it through the air. This dangerous gas is created from the breakdown of uranium in the soil, rocks, and water surrounding a home. It is a tasteless, colorless, and odorless gas. For this reason, many homeowners don't realize that the water they are drinking and using for washing dishes and clothes is contaminated with hazardous levels of this cancer-causing gas.

Radon Death Comparision ChartMost Radon-related lung cancer deaths are caused from gas accumulating in the home from leaks in cracks in the foundation walls or floors. An estimated 30 deaths are caused from Radon being in the home's water supply. High levels of the gas found in the water typically come from areas where the water flows through granite or granitic sand or gravel formations. Most cases involving water contamination come from invidiuals who have private wells on their property. When the water supply gets infiltrated with high levels of the gas, it can be ingested or inhaled when preparing foods, drinking water, taking a shower, doing laundry, and so on.

Radon Testing

Only through proper Radon testing will you be able to determine the exact amounts of the dangerous substance in your water supply. Typically, this kind of testing is only done if the levels inside your home in the air are very high, and testing the water is done as a follow-up test. Water will be sent to a lab for analysis.

Removing Radon From Water

According to the CDC, there are several different ways to go about lowering the amount of Radon levels found in your water supply. Listed below are different methods that your mitigation company may use for treatment:

  1. Aeration treatment: water is sprayed or mixed with air and then vented before use to remove dangerous levels of the gas
  2. GAC treatment: water is filtered through granular activated carbon, and the Radon attaches itself to the carbon and then the water is clean and healthy

The removal company you work with will be sure that they are treating the water at the POE (point of entry) into the home. The treatments and devices used will be able to treat the whole home, rather than just the small amount of water that comes in through your tap.

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